Our Past Fuels our Future

About Us

The Pistorius Farms heritage began in 1853 when John Pistorius emigrated from Germany and bought 40 acres of land just north of Blue Mound, Ill. He later deeded the land to his son, David, to farm and build a homestead. In 1898, David, his wife Emma, along with family and neighbors, built a two-story prairie-style home that continues to grace the farmstead today.

Although the dynamics of farming have changed over the past 160 years, the family remains dedicated to agriculture and passionate about living off the land. Now, Pistorius Farms is run by Pete Pistorius, Craig Paulek and their wives. Today this modern operation has flourished, consisting of owned, rented and crop-shared land that we manage year-round.

Our experienced management team is the heart of the business. Made up of Pete Pistorius and Craig Paulek, the team draws from each other’s strengths and expertise to individually work together to ensure Pistorius Farms runs efficiently and effectively. The entire Pistorius Farms family strives to be not only good land stewards, but also helpful neighbors. In fact, we take pride in actively contributing to the economic vitality in the counties we farm.