Harvest 2017 in Full Swing

We kicked off Harvest 2017 on September 11, starting with corn harvest but quickly switching over to soybeans, as corn was still holding moisture and our beans were very dry.  With unseasonably hot and dry conditions, we have had 16 days thus far of uninterrupted harvesting, focusing now on completing all of our first-planting soybeans before switching back to corn.  We did have a small amount of replant beans that will be ready to cut later.  We are grateful for our hard-working crew, our understanding families, and the prayers and support of friends near and far as we do our best to harvest our 2017 crop!

Harvest 2016 Recap

Corn harvest began September 6 and was met with unseasonably warm weather and great conditions.  Bean harvest started soon after, on September 15, and the race was on to get the mature soybeans harvested in a timely manner to maximize yields.  We had a safe and smooth harvest season and were blessed with our 4th best corn crop and the best soybeans we have ever harvested.  We moved right into fertilizer application and fall tillage as well as nitrogen application to prepare fields for the 2017 crop.

#Plant16 Wraps Up

The last of our 2016 soybean crop has made it into the ground!  We kicked off #Plant16 in mid-April with great weather and long days of simultaneous corn and bean planting, but we were interrupted with cold, wet weather before all of our beans could be planted.  We used this little break to do equipment maintenance, catch up on office work, and do considerable crop scouting.  The last few days of dry, sunny, warm weather has helped us finish our soybean planting and accomplish over half our side-dressing work.  We are turning our focus to small patches of replant corn and beans, finishing side-dressing, and spraying.  It is exciting to watch the crops emerge and see how quickly they grow under the right conditions!

Winter Projects and Prepping for 2016 Planting

After a smooth 2015 harvest, we moved right into fall tillage work.  With the dry weather, our crews were able to complete chiseling and anhydrous ammonia application before the first frost.  We have spread dry fertilizer and recently removed our spreader bed to transition the tractor into a sprayer to prepare for spring planting.  This winter, we have continued to haul grain out of farm-site bins, as well as our elevator.  Other projects include rebuilding our bean planter, manufacturing a spout at our elevator, and cleaning the shop.  We will continue to prepare equipment and plans, as 2016 planting season is just a few weeks away!

Harvest 2015 Is Wrapping Up


The crop is in, the chisel work is nearing completion, dry fertilizer has been spread, and we are making progress applying anhydrous ammonia. We are grateful for an above average crop that was harvested in a timely manner, and more importantly, for a safe harvest with no injuries or accidents. We will continue equipment maintenance, tile and waterway projects, and anhydrous application as we continue to look ahead and plan for our Spring 2016 crop!

Harvest 2015 Begins

Harvest 2015 officially got rolling on Tuesday, September 8.  Until today, there has only been one weather-related break in the action.  As I type, I’m watching storm clouds move in from the West.  A short break will be welcome after seven days of hard work.  At last count, 28% of the corn is harvested so a change in the weather may give us a chance to switch to beans for a while.  Please watch on FB & Twitter for the most up-to-date Pistorius Farms harvest news.

2015 Crop Is In

Pistorius Farms planters officially began rolling on the afternoon of April 14th.  With just a few weather related breaks in the action, everything is in the ground as of May 2.  A drive around the area shows corn up and even a few bean fields with plants emerging.  With warm weather and occasional rain in the forecast, we look forward to even more progress in the week ahead.

YMCA Basketball Team Sponsorship

Pistorius Farms strives to be an active participant in our community.  Each year, the farm is happy to sponsor a Taylorville YMCA youth basketball team.  These two athletes were happy to pose after a win one Saturday morning in January.  Stay tuned for pictures of the Meridian Softball team the farm is sponsoring this summer!