Cutting Edge Farming

Cutting Edge Farming

“With our extensive knowledge and combined experience, we understand that not one farm is the same and that not every acre of land should be farmed the same way. At Pistorius Farms, we strive to maximize the capabilities of each acre in the most economically and environmentally friendly way”
– Pete Pistorius

Tim, Pete and Craig believe the key to staying competitive in today’s farming environment is having the most up-to-date resources possible. To stay competitive, Pistorius Farms makes major investments in machinery, equipment and technologies that reduce input costs and increase profits.

Our equipment includes:

  • A comprehensive arsenal of planting, tillage and harvesting machinery, all equipped with auto-steer technology for precision planting.
  • GPS guidance systems to track and record soil and yields data, allowing us to take advantage of variable-rate seeding, chemical spraying and fertilizer applications.
  • A small fleet of semis and trucks for convenient and timely grain handling and transport.
  • A real-time, field-by-field record keeping system allows us to accurately track production from input to harvest.

As we are on the forefront of new technologies in the agriculture industry, we constantly investigate new production techniques that maximize efficiencies and preserve the land. As new technologies become available, we are quick to adapt to advancements that help our operations evolve – all to maximize the productivity of every acre.