Our Past Fuels our Future

The Pistorius Farms heritage began in 1884 when John Pistorius emigrated from Germany and bought 40 acres of land just north of Blue Mound, Ill. Now, Pistorius Farms is run by Tim Pistorius, Pete Pistorius, Craig Paulek and their wives.


Cutting Edge Farming

To stay competitive, Pistorius Farms makes investments in technologies – constantly investigating and adopting new production techniques and equipment advances. Our goal is to maximize the productivity of every acre we farm.


Part of the Community

Each member of the Pistorius family has a long history of leadership and involvement in the community. They are active in churches, civic organizations and agricultural associations and have a special interest in local youth activities.


See for Yourself

Pistorius Farms documents the progress of planting and harvesting.  Pete and Megan Pistorius were featured in a series of television commercials illustrating the modern farm family and it operation.

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Blue Mound Illinois Located in Central Illinois, Pistorius Farms has been owned and operated by the Pistorius Family for nearly six generations. Built with the mission to provide a safe and reliable food source in the most efficient way possible, Pistorius Farms takes pride in performing agricultural stewardship to benefit the families in the communities it serves.

As a progressive business, Pistorius Farms specializes in the production of row crops. Our acreage includes owned, rented and crop-shared land. Every field is managed by a team of experienced, knowledgeable and forward-thinking men who value the land and the heritage that comes with it.

Faith, family, integrity, respect, work ethic, loyalty and fun – we strive to ensure these core values on a daily basis. Our vision – to foster a family farming operation that builds on past successes, while implementing new equipment, practices and technologies to foster future growth and continue our agricultural legacy for generations to come.


Let’s Keep in Touch

Sharing and updating what is happening on the farm.